Ganon Baker Junior Regional Advancement UPDATED!!!

by Jason Key
March 17, 2013

Ganon Baker Junior Regional Advancement UPDATED!!!
The Colony, TX (Mar. 16th & 17th)

PBR in conjunction with Ganon Baker and ELEV8 basketball were on hand to scout players for the Junior Regional Advancement clinic.  Ganon does an EXCEPTIONAL job of teaching kids both life and basketball skills in an extremely fast paced environment.  While only 5th – 8th grade boys and girls had the opportunity to receive an invitation to the National event, this camp was worthwhile to kids of all ages who chose to participate.  On the boys side, 2 of the top 5 rated players for Saturday were 3rd graders.  Players of the ENTIRE weekend were (in order):

#1) (Saturday Ranking #5) – Antonio Lapeyrolerie (jersey #45) – Antonio is a forward who will surprise you with his quickness and ball handling skills because of his size. Lapeyrolerie is a very smooth athlete who has an outstanding upside…..Antonio took over Sunday by scoring in every way possible. His deadly 3-point range from the 4 position will serve him well moving forward. Antonio is an 8th grader (forgot to mention on Saturday)!!

#2) (Saturday Ranking #4) – Isaac Hernandez (jersey #22) – Isaac (grade not determined – we will follow up tomorrow) is a fearless offensive attack minded guard. Hernandez has a very nice flow to his offensive game with a nice jump shot to compliment his rim attack….Isaac was close to upstoppable on Sunday. Very close 2nd place finish behind Lapeyrolerie….Hernandez is a 7th grader.

#3 ) (Saturday Ranking #3) – Daishawn Woods (jersey #42) – Daishawn is an above average athletic 8th grader with a very nice offensive game. Woods can shoot the ball with range to the 3 point line. Daishawn is a very long armed defender who has the tools to become a defensive stopper….Woods continued his outstanding play, but was overtook by Lapeyrolerie in 1v1 competition..
#4) (Saturday Ranking #1) – Cruz Davis (jersey #123) – This 3rd grader has exceptional handles to the right and left, with a nice jump shot and floater/mid-range game to compliment it. Cruz is also an outstanding on the ball defender…..Slowed down a little on Sunday, mostly due to weary legs.
#5) (Saturday Ranking #2) – Dallas Hobbs (jersey #64) – Another 3rd grader…..Dallas has the total offensive game as well as a great flair for finishing. Dallas had trouble scoring only when Cruz Davis was defending him……Hobbs was shut down the last half of Sunday’s workout to due to an injured leg….Can’t rate what you don’t see!!!

CONGRATS to all who made the top 5!!!!!!

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