2017 Players to Watch

Below are players that have been seen by the Premier Basketball Scouting Team. Players are evaluated and appear on the list below by participating in Premier Basketball and Opportunity for Youth events, both camps and tournaments. You must stand out to one of our scouts to be recognized, so the more events your team plays in the better are your chances of making our "Player to Watch" list. High School boys can be evaluated at Texas high school games that PBR attends during the season as well.
Blake Bischler- Texas Blue Jackets
Roy Broomfield - HG Elevation
Joe Breedlove- Texas Express
Rashard Crankshaw- Dallas Hoyas
Andrew Lastinger- Texas Express
Tate Phillips- Texas Express
Eugene Price- Team Strive
Da’Quion Rivers- Nuff Sed
Anthony Smith- Texas Blue Jackets
Gillean Tanner- Plano Wolves
Carlin Warren – Team Strive
Darryl White- Big City Elite
Bo Williams - HG Elevation
Daishawn Woods - Gannon Baker Regionals
Antonio Lapeyrolerie - Gannon Baker Regionals
Roy Broomfield III - HG Elevation
Bryce Boyd - HG Elevation
Jordan Sowells - Team Tar Heels Elite
T.J. Smith - Team Tar Heels Elite
Steven Prudhomme - Team Tar Heels Elite
Cameron Hines - Oklahoma Select 2017
Will Arend - Houston Premier Orange
Mitchell Craig - Houston Premier Orange
Sema'j Davis - Midland Legends
Dustin Hunt - Midland Legends
James Lydia - Midland Legends
Cameron Martin - Oklahoma Select 2017
Kale Owen - Oklahoma Select 2017
George Price - Oklahoma Select 2017
Allula Rinkovich - NTX Hornets 2017
Paul Swanson - OCBF TTA
Royce West - OCBF TTA
Davunte Williams - OCBF TTA
P.J. Washington - Mo Williams Academy Elite
Grant Buckholt - Texas Hustle
Ahmad Caldwell - Texas Select
Donaven Davenport - Moe Williams Academy Elite
Devante Doutrive - TRUTH
Jacobi Gordon - Starting 5ive Evolution
Traci Jones - Mo Williams All Stars
Miles McDougal - Texas Select
Jacob Motun - Texas Select
Jordon Myers - Mo Williams Academy Elite
CJ Roberts - Mo Williams Academy Elite
Russell Smith - Mo Williams Academy Elite
Jake Watermiller - Texas Celtics White
Jarrod Winston - Texas Hustle
Patrick Terry - TRUTH
Clashon Gaffney - Mo Williams Academy Elite
Gabriel Tanella - Urban DFW Elite
Christopher Mullins - Urban DFW Elite
Russhard Cruickshank - Urban DFW Elite
Jekamiah Head - Team Jet
Kelton Edwards - Team Jet
Quincy Anderson - X Factor 15U
Brennan Albert - Inner City Kings
Chris Scaife - Lee Green BBall West

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